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Leadership: Is Disney’s Iger Having a Cinderella Moment? – NYTimes.com

In each case, Mr. Iger found a solution, sometimes cajoling his people to do more and sometimes intervening more directly. “I like our people to solve problems on their own, and they usually do,” he says later. “But I will do a deep dive if there is a lot at stake or if there are creative challenges.”

Deep is not a word that most people used to describe Mr. Iger when he took control of Disney five years ago. In fact, he was widely dismissed as little more than a stuffed suit who might have had the skills to fix a highly dysfunctional company but lacked creative sizzle or big-picture brilliance to raise its game. His predecessor Michael D. Eisner endorsed him, but faintly — at least according to “DisneyWar,” the 2005 book that chronicled Mr. Eisner’s fall from power.

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